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On-Line User Manuals for the Click IT Website System

Page Editor Manual: Full instructions on how to add & edit text and images to your web pages, and there are also video tutorials.

Pro-Gallery Manual: The Pro-Gallery system uses an integrated wizard with help prompts at every single step, but you can also view video tutorials here.

Creating Private Galleries: This guide explains how to create and display private galleries on your website.

Slide Shows: Learn how to add slide shows of your galleries (with and without thumbnails).

PopITLinx Manuals: These are the guides to help you add unique links, buttons and images in your web pages that open seamless windows with text and images. This is an exclusive feature available only with our website system.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Guide: This guide covers the essential information you need to help you to optimise your website for Google.

Please refer to these guides before contacting support.